About me


Hey there, I’m Daniele. I guess you’re looking for more infos about me. Well, first of all welcome to my website. I am an electronic engineer. I've studied Electronic Engineering at University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy. Interested in electronics, computer science and technology in general. I'm a positive thinker with excellent communication skills. Particularly interested in low level development (kernels, drivers, firmwares), scientific software, GUI development, open source software and GNU/Linux development targeting embedded hardware based on SoC and micro-controllers. I'm absolutely open minded and looking forward to learning more and more about new technologies.

Hobbies and other stuff

I am also a musician. I spend much time on my beautiful piano. When I’m not sitting at the piano or playing in a rock band I love listening to music all the time. You can view my last.fm profile here. Check out my music taste! ;) I am a charter member of Open Makers Italy, an association of individuals interested in and/or involved in the maker culture. In the past, I've been a KDE contributor. I joined KDE-Italia (The KDE official italian community). I also was HCSSLUG board member. As Linux User Group we organized a lot of special events (Linux Days primarily). I was an event co-organizer for Google Developers Group Campania. I've time for regular leisure-time physical activity, too. I love playing Tennis.


Emails are for me the best way to communicate.

You can find me also on

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  • Facebook: I keep it more private than the others. However, here am I!