Daniele Costarella


In a nutshell

Welcome to my website. I am an electronic engineer. Currently working as an Embedded Systems Engineer in the automotive industry. Interested in electronics, computer science and technology in general.¬†Particularly interested in low level development (kernels, drivers, firmwares), scientific software, open source software and GNU/Linux development targeting embedded hardware based on SoC and micro-controllers. I’m absolutely open minded and looking forward to learning more and more about new technologies. ¬†Co-founder and board member of Open Makers Italy.

Access control system for hotels and monitoring of hotel facilities
For a private customer working in the tourist industry, project and development (schematics and PCB) of an electronic access control system for Hotels and tourist...
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Control board for flow meters
Project and development (schematics and PCB) of a custom board designed as a flow-measurement solution for the drink dispensing industries including beer and wine.
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8-channel board for RTD-PT100 sensors
Project and development (schematics and PCB) of a custom board including a resistance-to-digital converter optimized for platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). An external resistor sets...
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Energy meter
A energy metering system capable to accurately estimates energy consumption. The device is implemented as a hardware module. It combines state-of-the-art technologies to provide a...
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Energy Harvesting Demoboard
Project and development of a smart Wireless Sensor Network node powered by ambient Energy Harvesting. The demoboard is capable of accepting piezoelectric, solar and thermal-powered...
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3D Body Scanner
Project and development of a photometric 3D human body scanning integrated system. Hardware and software to get 100+ cameras fully controlled and synchronized.
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